Although the Maldives are rated amongst the top ten diving destinations in the world, many experienced divers would put them in the top five.  The sheer abundance of marine life and the clear visibility make this one of the greatest underwater regions on the planet. 

During the dry season (January to April), currents tend to be strong with excellent visibility (25m to 40m).

Rainy season (May to December) brings rain and tropical storms, but some very good dives for Manta Rays. Visibility is reduced due to plankton in the water; however, this is also what most marine creatures feed upon.

Diving regulations in the Maldives are extremely stringent, with the maximum depth for diving being 30 metres and the maximum bottom time being 45 minutes.

All levels of competence can be catered for with ease, including absolute beginners seeking their first PADI certification.

As part of the general preservation and protection measures here, divers visiting the Maldives are encouraged to observe, respect and enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the marine environment, whilst leaving the reef as healthy as they found it.