Getting Around

For a country comprised entirely of islands, there are several transport options, both by sea and air.

By Air
Seaplanes can take visitors to other islands with ease.  There are two charter companies here, Trans Maldivian (; -960 331 24 44) and
Maldivian Air Taxi (; -960 331 52 01), both of which also provide photography expeditions and sightseeing trips. 

Flying over the islands at low-level can be an unforgettable experience highlighting the shapes of the reefs and vibrant colours surrounding the islands. Both companies fly small 18-seater DeHavilland Twin Otter seaplanes.

By Boat
Private boat charters are an ideal way to explore the area surrounding Cocoa Island, being both relaxing and easy.

At Cocoa Island, a dhoni (traditional Maldivian fishing boat) can be chartered to take visitors to other islands on sightseeing trips.  With over 900 islands in the Maldives being uninhabited, this is a delightful, gentle way to explore the region.

Liveaboard dive vessels are also popular for those who want to go further afield by sea. Among the best available to charter is the fully crewed, luxury Four Seasons Explorer (; -960 66 00 888).