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Metropolitan by COMO

The Metropolitan hotels by COMO Hotels and Resorts are the group’s urban properties. Central locations and passionate staff ensure guests fast-track access to the vibrant metropolis. Balancing out the buzz of each hotel’s Met Bar and lively lobby is the escapism promised within the hotel's calming confines by way of contemporary rooms, light-soaked suites and serene spa facilities. The world-class restaurants are destinations in their own right, beloved of city locals for their Asian cuisine.

A contemporary Bangkok luxury design hotel that combines passionate service with a vibrant award-winning restaurants and bar and proximity to the city’s renowned shopping and nightlife.
A cool, contemporary central London luxury hotel that combines accurate service, sophisticated design and a vibrant Park Lane location.
Located in the heart of the city's Historic District, overlooking America's most iconic Miami beach, the hotel delivers the perfect blend of rest and revelry.