Diving in the Turks and Caicos is rated amongst the top 10 destinations in the world, with waters that challenge the experienced while also being safe enough for novices. And with the water temperature never falling below 74°F, the sea is always pleasant and welcoming.

Numerous dive outfits exist across the islands, with Parrot Cay choosing to work with Big Blue Unlimited (www.bigblueunlimited.com; -649 946 5034), a company highly rated for its professional dive instructors. The offices are based at Leeward Marina, a 35-minute complimentary boat ride from Parrot Cay where a member from the dive shop will meet guests at the Leeward Welcome Centre and make arrangements for their day. Please note that the timing of early morning transfer and return boat rides are subject to arrivals and departures of guests.

All levels of competence can be catered for with ease, including absolute beginners seeking their first PADI certification.

Group diving from Providenciales
Two-tank daily dive
Private guide
Dive rental equipment

Private dive charter (with pick -up at COMO Parrot Cay)
Half day
Three-quarter day
Full day

Please visit Big Blue Unlimited for pricing.

As part of the general preservation and protection measures here, divers visiting the Turks and Caicos are encouraged to observe, respect and enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the marine environment, whilst leaving the reef as healthy as they found it.