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Sustainability and Community Investment

At COMO Hotels and Resorts, we act as custodians, rather than managers, of each destination. We recognise the privileges and responsibilities of being part of the community and are committed to celebrating local culture, supporting the domestic economy, and minimising our impact on the environment. Operating sustainably inspires and drives us to better serve our guests, develop our teams and plan for the future. These long-term goals are as important to us as creating memorable travel experiences for each of our guests.

We recognise that each COMO location is unique and faces different local challenges and opportunities for sustainability. Yet, the basis for our efforts are the same -- a firm belief that we can deliver distinct, memorable experiences for our guests while operating responsibly.

Reducing consumption

We are committed to reducing our use of precious natural resources and minimising our impact on the environment. We manage our water and energy consumption by installing efficient equipment and fixtures, while at COMO Point Yamu in Phuket, we use low thermal emissivity glass in all glass features to reduce the amount of heat transmitted into the bulding. In all cases, technology is merely our first investment. Employee engagement and training are equally, if not more important. We welcome our guests’ participation in these initiatives, even as you enjoy COMO’s luxury experience. At all properties, you can choose to re-use towels and linens during your stay. Small gestures, such as shutting windows and sliding doors to conserve energy, also help a great deal.

Sourcing locally and sustainably

COMO sources locally whenever possible, supporting local producers, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and non-profit organisations. We choose these vendors not only because they often have the best and freshest produce, but also because they are leaders of sustainable economic development within their communities.
In COMO Uma Ubud in Bali, we purchase cashew nuts and roselle from Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise that promotes livelihood sustainability for villages in Northeast Bali. At COMO Uma Paro in Bhutan, we helped a local female entrepreneur set up Bhutan’s first prayer flag printer and shop. All our food served at COMO The Treasury is purchased from within 100KM of Perth and we produce own honey on our hotel’s rooftop. At COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, we take pride in our banana and coconut plantations, where our youngest guests at the hotel can plant their own trees and discover native fauna and flora.