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Coral Propagation

Water Adventures and Excursions

In 1998 and 2016, the El Niño climate cycle resulted in particularly warm seas in the Indian Ocean, which bleached a large number of coral reefs surrounding COMO Maalifushi. While there is still a plethora of untouched reefs to snorkel and dive in the immediate area, it is important for the local economy that all the islands’ coral flourishes.

Our Resident Marine Biologist has teamed up with Seamarc — a marine consultancy company — to plant new coral frames on the seafloor, which encourage new reefs to grow and prosper. Guests at COMO Maalifushi can sponsor one of these frames, and track its progress via twice yearly photographic updates as well as complimentary guided dives every time they visit the resort.

Coral frame sponsorship is priced at US$150 for a single frame, US$300 for a couple frame and US$500 for a family frame.


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