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Personal Trainers

Active guests who want to maximise their time in London can benefit from the guidance of our expert personal trainers. Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards optimum health or want to improve existing levels, our team of leading specialists will guide you towards your goals.

Penny Beale

Penny specialises in ‘moments of transition’–helping clients to boost motivation, reach fitness goals and overcome mental barriers. Penny’s personal practice includes strength training, capoeira, rock climbing and dance, bringing her a broad understanding of performance, human function and physical possibility. Her clients range from pre- and post-natal women to corporate professionals, dancers and recreational athletes.

Lyndon Littlefair Corrective exercise Specialist

Lyndon Littlefair is a leading performance coach who provides targeted support in corrective exercise, performance enhancement and holistic lifestyle coaching. With over 20 year’s experience in the fitness and wellness industry, he brings deep knowledge to his sessions at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, with the sole aim of helping clients achieve their goals.

Christina Howells

Christina’s approach to fitness is focused specifically on the female form and women’s wellbeing, designed to create feminine lines, curves and tone. Her shape-shifting talents are well-loved by women, from full-time mothers and busy professionals to high profile VIPs. Christina ensures her clients achieve and retain their fitness goals, while breaking the barriers that hold them back.


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