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Restorative Massages with Kimiko Briody

COMO Shambhala Estate is pleased to welcome Kimiko Briody from now until October 1st. Kimiko specialises in healing the mind and body through massage - relieving stress and tension held deep in the muscles. Kimiko grew up in Japan, but trained extensively in Thailand, and has worked as a massage therapist around the world, from Switzerland to India. She offers a range of therapies that focus on the body's meridian points, helping to restore the balance of ' Chi' or energy.

Adrenal Therapy

In this massage, Kimiko focuses on pressure and trigger points - hypersensitive knots found throughout body tissue - providing a fast relief from back, shoulder and neck pain.

60 minutes IDR 2,904,000  75 minutes IDR 3,630,000

Deep Tissue

Kimiko uses firm gliding strokes with her fists, elbows and forearms to relieve tension held deep in the muscles. Combined with gentle stretching, this massage helps to balance the energy system in the body and promote natural healing.

60 minutes IDR 2,904,000 75 minutes IDR 3,630,000

Hara Therapy 

This therapeutic massage focuses on the stomach, pelvis and internal organs, helping to relieve pain in the abdomen and lower back. Hara means ‘stomach’ in Japanese.

60 minutes IDR 2,904,000 75 minutes IDR 3,630,000 

All prices are subject to a 21 per cent service charge and government tax

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T. +62 361 978888