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Flight of Sherries and Brandies

The Halkin Bar offers a unique ‘Flights of Sherries and Brandies’ menu, which allows this hotel bar in central London to showcase a selection of interesting sherry and brandy pairings.
Each ‘Flight’ consists of three 50ml glasses of sherries or brandies. Choices include a ‘Sherry Flight’, ‘Sherry Flight with Tapas’ and a ‘Brandies Flight’. Prices start from £18 per ‘Flight. Booking is not necessary.


SHERRY FLIGHT £19.00 (50ml)

Fino Una Palma, Gonzalez Byass
Amontillado Tio Diego, Bodegas Valdespino
Oloroso Gobernador, Bodegas Hidalgo


Ibérico Ham (25gms) and Scorpion Fish Cake

STAY FLYING WITH BRANDIES £29.50 (25ml each)

Lepanto Gran Reserva
Lepanto Oloroso cask aged
Lepanto PX cask aged

To book, or to find out more, please contact

E. thehalkin@comohotels.com

T. +44 020 7333 1234