Book online with COMO Hotels and if within the next 24 hours of booking you find a lower, immediate bookable rate on the internet, with the same reservation conditions (room category, dates, number of people staying, restrictions, terms and conditions), please contact us and we will match the rate plus extend a further 10% discount on your rate.


  1. Best Rate Guarantee applies to rates and reservations made online only.
  2. Reservation must be made directly via the hotel website prior to making a claim.
  3. Applicable against bookable rates for the same length of stay, dates of reservations, room category, number of persons, currency and other reservation conditions.
  4. Claims will only be accepted within 24 hours after reservation is made.
  5. No claims will be accepted for arrivals within 72 hours (3 days) of claim.
  6. COMO Reservation Department will investigate and inform you of our decision within 48hours of having received your claim.
  7. COMO Hotels will extend a further 10% discount on the lower rate found once your claim is confirmed. Discount will be applied to your reservation prior to arrival and reconfirmed.
  8. COMO Hotels Best Rate Guarantee applies to rates booked for the period of the stay, excluding any other charges i.e. government tax, service charges, food and beverages and any other charges that you may incur during your stay.
  9. The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to:
    • Websites that package room nights with any other components such as tours, flights, transfers, etc. 
    • Auction sites
    • Private members sites
    • Closed user group offers
    • Negotiated rates with COMO Travel Partners
  10. To proceed with the claim please send us ALL the following information via email to
    • Guest Name
    • Reservation Confirmation Number
    • Check In/Check out Date
    • Website address where you found the lower rate
    • A screenshot featuring the date and time at which you found lower rate. The screenshot must show the dates of travel, room type, rate and inclusions.