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Cocktail Masterclass

What better way to bond with your team or catch up with friends than over a delicious cocktail you made with your own fair hands? Well now, you can as the Met Bar’s mixologists share their expertise with the masses. And for those of you with a more competitive streak there’s the option to have a Met Bar Shake-Off with members of your party for the chance to win a £25 bar tab* and exclusive Met Bar Martini glass gift set.

Please choose a package and a spirit theme for your cocktails (if you would like a mixture, please state)

Choose your package:

Classic Masterclass
30-45 minutes
£30 per person
Two cocktails

Deluxe Masterclass
1 hour
£45 per person
Three cocktails and canapés

Premium Masterclass
1 hour plus
£55 per person
Three deluxe cocktails and bowl food

Couples Bespoke Masterclass
1 hour
£130 per couple
Three cocktails and canapés

Choose your theme…

Moonshiner - based on whiskey cocktails
Rumbumble - based on rum cocktails
Gin Lane - based on gin cocktails
Jalisco walk - based on tequila cocktails
Wadka &Vodka - based on vodka cocktails
Time Traveller - based on well-known cocktails

Masterclasses can be booked for groups of a minimum of three for 4pm to 7pm daily.

*Redeemable within three months