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Alexander Ivanov, Eastern Holistic and Integrated Massage Therapies

Alexander Ivanov is a wellness practitioner whose treatments are designed to encourage holistic wellbeing. He has immersed himself in a number of Asian cultures during his study of ancient massage techniques, and he is an affiliated Thai massage and reflexology teacher. At COMO Shambhala Urban Escape he will be offering the following treatments: 


Traditional Thai Massage
Using a combination of techniques, the guest is guided through a series of passive yoga stretches, while Alexander works on the energy lines and pressure points to release stagnant energy. Often an emotional release is experienced when old and congested tensions come to the surface.  
60/90 minutes: £120/£150

Integrated Massage Therapy                                    
Deep pressure on the body’s soft tissue layers and fascia is used to release chronic muscle tension. This kind of massage is also particularly effective at relieving tension created through sports injuries.
60/90 minutes: £120/£150

The body’s energy meridians and organs are reflected in the reflex points of the foot. By massaging and applying pressure to these points, it helps stimulate healing throughout the body. This treatment also optimises blood circulation and energy flow, strengthening the immune system and promoting wellbeing.
60 minutes: £120



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