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Anna Collins, Structural Integration Practitioner

When British-born Anna Collins discovered the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, in 2011, it was a personal revelation. She had been plagued by sporting injuries and after unsuccessful attempts to treat them, was facing surgery and a life of painkillers. By chance, she came across the ‘Ten Series’ format of structural integration, which transformed her approach to physical wellbeing. She left her day job as an executive assistant and studied for a year to become a qualified structural integration practitioner.

Structural integration works best over a series of 10 sessions to re-align and balance the body, both for those suffering from injuries as well as those needing a physical ‘tune up’. Once there is good structure, there should be good function, which usually means happier people who move better with little or no pain — a truly holistic discipline that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Structural integration can also be useful for athletes trying to maintain peak physical condition.

Anna is available by appointment, with each 60-minute session costing £150.



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