Executive Sous Chef

COMO Cocoa Island

Property: COMO Cocoa Island
Position: Executive Sous Chef
Base Location: Cocoa Island, Maldives
Department: Kitchen
Reporting to: Executive Chef

Job Summary:

Work as a second in charge capacity to supervise and manage all kitchen employees to maintain company standards and the reduction of food cost and labour cost. Also handle administrative responsibilities to assist the Executive Chef in effective operation of the kitchen.



  • To follow guidelines set for food and hygiene to be able to achieve the company standards.
  • Make sure that kitchen employee members are following standard recipes to aid with food cost and consistency of the product.
  • Maintain that the grooming standards as set by the company are kept.
  • Monitor the wastage and portion control in all area of the kitchen to reduce cost impact to the kitchen.
  • Maintaining high standards of kitchen hygiene at all times and managing all employees to make sure this is completed effectively.
  • Responsibility of liaising with the stewarding department and the Chief/Senior Steward to make sure the stewards are working effectively to maintain kitchen cleanliness.
  • To conduct the weekly stock order for the following weeks delivery and monitor day to day usage and shortages of produce.
  • Conduct monthly inventory check of small operating equipment and crockery.
  • Compile a monthly breakage report for the kitchen.
  • Responsibility for any maintenance issues regarding equipment and report directly to the Engineering Department and the Executive Chef.
  • Monitoring of the time keeping for all employees in regards to starting shift, taking breaks and finishing shift to work to reduce the effect overtime has on payroll.
  • Input into menu writing, costing and execution.
  • Set an example to others in work ethic and character.
  • Communicate clearly and 100% effectively with all other departments to maintain smooth operation of the department.
  • Communicate information passed on from the management employees to all kitchen employee members.
  • Conduct briefings on a regular basis with Executive Chef and other kitchen employee members.
  • In the absence of the Executive Chef attend all management meetings and briefings and pass all relevant information onto junior employees and Executive Chef.
  • All issues and information must be passed to the Executive Chef in a timely manner to be able to effective resolve issues and prevent incidents from happening.


  • Concentrate when you are listening to others (guests, managers or colleagues) give direct eye contact.
  • Pay attention to your body language and always show you are willing to help.
  • Practice speaking in English and attend any English training that is offered to you.
  • Speak clearly in a friendly, polite and positive tone to guests, managers and colleagues.
  • When speaking to somebody if they look confused please repeat the information carefully
  • If you do not understand a message or request ask the person politely to repeat or ask your supervisor or manager for help
  • Write information down so that you will not forget any of the important details
  • If you have a problem that you want to discuss ask your supervisor / manager for a time when you can meet to talk
  • Be positive and stay calm when receiving feedback from others
  • Read the notice boards in the resort regularly.


  • Follow the properties standard with regards to grooming and personal hygiene that is written in your employees handbook or shown on the notice board
  • At all times keep your own accommodation and work areas clean and also pick up any litter that you see when walking around the resort

Attitude and Behaviour

  • Be honest with your manager and colleagues
  • Show a positive attitude at all times whilst on duty – smile naturally and offer help to anyone that is in need (even if they are not in your department)
  • If it is not busy then ask your manager / supervisor / colleagues if there is any work that you can do to help your department
  • Show others that you want to improve and get better – ask for help and training if you have difficulties
  • Show respect to guests, owners, managers and colleagues at all times
  • Try not to gossip or spread rumours about others - think about how you would feel if the gossip was about you.

Extra Duties:

Please note that this Job description is subject to change according to needs of business. From time to time you may be asked to undertake duties that are not included in this job description by the Management. You should agree to undertake these duties as long as the request is reasonable and will not affect your health, safety or security.


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