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Find Your Balance


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At its core, the practice of yoga and Pilates is focused on finding balance and connection: between the physical and the spiritual, between movement and relaxation, and between yourself and the natural world. COMO Cocoa Island shows you where and how.

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COMO Cocoa Island is the perfect place to deepen your practice, with expert guidance from our resident yoga and Pilates instructor, Amornrat ‘Nok’ Thonglim.

Nok uses her experience in multiple forms of yoga, Pilates and Thai classical dance to help you discover a new discipline, or to help more experienced practitioners elevate their practice, building physical and spiritual strength. The various locations embrace the island’s natural ease and tranquillity and, in doing so, invite you to connect with your own. 

Connect with your body and explore your spiritual strength through yoga and Pilates classes with Nok at COMO Cocoa Island.