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Finding Eden


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Fiji is a nation made up of over three hundred islands, two thirds of which are uninhabited, making it one of the world’s last pockets of tropical wilderness.

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COMO Laucala Island in the northeastern Koro Sea is one of its best examples of endemic diversity and unspoilt nature — a natural abundance you can enjoy on guided hikes with our Activities Director, Gordon Wakeham. 

Gordon has worked on COMO Laucala Island for twelve years. A native Fijian, it has taken nearly all that time for him to explore every inch of the vast 3,500-acre Eden, which is teeming with primaeval hardwood forest, rare plants and jewel-bright birds. Gordon is a specialist on local medicinal plants and the natural healing system. 

Each route ventures beyond the island’s only habitation, past twisting mangroves, up to secret look-out points, over black basalt rock, and through thick jungle. Along the way, you’ll learn about local Fijian folklore, indigenous plants and some of the world’s rarest bird species. 

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Are you interested in doing a guided nature hike in Fiji? Our team at COMO Laucala Island can take care of all the details. All hikes are customisable – simply let us know your preferred timings or ask for additional recommendations. 

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