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Food for Thought


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We are constantly looking at ways to be more sustainable. With the festive season approaching – a time notorious for provoking over-consumption – it's an opportunity to think carefully about what we really need. 

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Consumerism not only has a negative impact on our wallets, but more seriously on the environment. As the demand for goods increases, the requirement to produce these goods also increases. This leads to more pollutant emissions, increased land-use and deforestation, and accelerated climate change. Beyond its moral responsibility, sustainable sourcing also benefits the quality of the dishes you create. “It’s basic,” says COMO Group's Head Chef Dan Moran, “the closer you source ingredients from, the fresher and tastier they are. Where possible, we also try and work head to fin, snout to tail”.

If you’re looking for ways to be more sustainable in the kitchen, read on. We’ve asked our chefs around the world to share how they’ve been sourcing, cooking and storing with the environment front-of-mind. We know there’s always room for improvement – something we’re continually educating ourselves on – but we are committed to growing a sustainable business for generations to come.

At COMO, we’re committed to deepening the conversation around sustainability. Operating sustainably inspires and drives us to better serve our guests, develop our teams and plan for the future. These long-term goals are as important to us as creating memorable travel experiences for each of our guests. Read more about our sustainable approach here.