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Laucala: Our Island Story


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At COMO Laucala Island, we are custodians of an extraordinary space, filled with rich traditions, ancient stories and abundant wildlife. 

Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of Laucala Island with this self-guided island tour and discover your new surroundings on the way. 

Explore how we cultivate the native herbs used in our cuisine and spa products, learn about the traditional construction materials found across our resort buildings, and visit one of the best examples of indigenous architecture in Fiji.



The architecture at COMO Laucala Island takes inspiration from the geography itself, with natural woods, organic textures and interiors deliberately flowing into the surrounding landscape.

There is a focus on traditional Fijian materials and construction practices, including ‘magimagi’ — string woven from coconut husks — used to tie together timber struts in our residences, and ‘balabala’ — fern tree stems used to mark entrances to villages and homes — found at the entrance to our villas.

Many of our handcrafted artworks and accents draw on indigenous craftsmanship too. One of the most spectacular examples are the jellyfish chandeliers hanging in most of our villa bedrooms; made from hanging shell disks, they come to life in a gentle breeze, as if they’re swimming leisurely beneath the palm-thatched ceilings.

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Just above the main resort lies the Laucala Island cultural village, one of the few places in Fiji where truly authentic Fijian architecture remains.

Historically, this would have been the centre of island life, where the indigenous community would cook in ‘lovos’ (earth ovens), hand-weave ‘masi’ (decorative bark cloth) and carve traditional canoes.

Today, the village is used by our staff for ‘Kava’ ceremonies. Once performed only by priests, chiefs and elders, these ceremonies focus on the making and sharing of Kava, Fiji’s traditional drink, made from the powdered roots of a native black pepper plant.

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Hidden amongst hillside forests filled with swooping birds is our next stop: the COMO Laucala Island Shambhala Retreat.

Here, treatments — like our signature COMO Shambhala massage using blended oils to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body — take place beneath palm-frond roofs, with rooms left open-sided to welcome nature in. Our products draw directly from the island, making rich use of Fijian herbal traditions. We even have our own coconut press, providing fresh milk and oil to our treatment rooms.

At the centre sits a heady oasis of scents, textures and colour: our flower garden. Home to native Fijian species, the flowers, fruits and spices grown here are used in displays all across the resort.

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The herb garden plays an integral role in life on the island. The plants grown here — wild garlic, crisp rucola, aromatic lemongrass, among others — are ingredients not only in the food we eat, but in our spa products and organic Laucala teas too.

In Fijian culture, herbs historically had many uses, from dyeing fabrics to tanning leather. They were also cultivated for their medical properties, a tradition which continues today. Aches and pains are treated with herbal remedies, whilst local ‘wainimate’ principles — translating roughly to ‘herbal medicine’ — are integrated into all our wellness treatments, such as our Coconut Hair and Scalp Restoration, designed to cleanse, condition and nourish the hair.

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Immerse yourself in island luxury and the warmth of Fijian hospitality — book your stay at COMO Laucala Island