A Sailboat On The Ocean

The Space Between


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Inspired by Bali's evocative edgeland between land and sea, photographer Derek Henderson captures the space between.

A Man Holding A Camera

Derek Henderson

Derek Henderson is a New Zealand-born, Sydney-based photographer whose work in fashion and travel is widely published, from Arena Homme +, to Holiday, i-D, T: The New York Times, and Vogue.

Image credit: Richard Brimer

He has also created major independent bodies of work that explore and narrate the rich natural landscapes and communities of Australia and New Zealand. His projects — The Terrible Boredom of Paradise and Mercy Mercer — explore his New Zealand homeland, prompted by memories of his childhood. Both projects have been exhibited internationally and published in book form.

Derek has also photographed our Fijian private island resort.

This is the Bali shore at COMO Uma Canggu, evoked through Derek’s own eyes.

A Man In A White Dress On A Beach
A moment in time
A Body Of Water With Rocks In It
On the edge of the seafoam
A Person Holding A Surfboard In The Ocean
Contemplating the power of the ocean
A Group Of Birds Flying In The Sky
Cloud drift
A Beach With Trees And Water
A liminal space