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Wellness from Within


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The modern world can ask so much of us. The moments of peace and nourishment we offer ourselves are sometimes all too rare. Often we don’t notice just how much we need replenishing until we step out of our everyday life.

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COMO Parrot Cay is an island where you can integrate all the different parts that make up that feeling of holistic balance — a re-rooting with nature, self and wellness drawn from within. This is your time to pause, breathe deep and indulge in the radical act of taking care of you.

We encourage this by making sure that every day you can combine hands-on therapies, yoga, outdoor running and ocean swims, healthy COMO Shambhala Cuisine at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at the end of each day? The kind of sleep that can be so elusive in our modern lives.

COMO Parrot Cay has a weekly wellness and activities programme, find out more here.