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Getting to

COMO Maalifushi, Maldives

 By Air

Due to the isolated nature of the Maldives, almost all travellers arrive by air. The principal international airport is Malé International Airport (MLE).

From Malé airport, guests will take a 60-minute seaplane transfer to COMO Maalifushi. To learn more about COMO Maalifushi's seaplane transfer, please click here.

International flights into the Maldives change frequently according to the time of year and it is advisable to check with your local travel agent.

Private Air Travel

It is possible to arrange private air travel to the Maldives. Charter companies will advise on the most appropriate plane for your trip, taking your specific requirements into account. Private air travel around the islands can also be arranged through the Maldives’ national airline, Maldivian.

COMO Maalifushi cannot accept direct charter plane arrivals from international destinations; all passengers need to transfer to a seaplane from the international airport at Malé to reach the resort.


 By Sea/Sea Plane

Due to the isolated nature of the islands, there is not much passing yacht traffic. However, there is rising interest in the Maldives among sailors, which is a trend much helped by the welcoming official policy and excellent year-round sailing. There is a new marina on Island Hideaway (; +960 650 1515) on Dhonakulhi Island in the archipelago’s north, which is specifically set up for servicing yachts.

 Port agents such as Island Sailors (; +960 333 25 36) will arrange for immigration and customs to be cleared, as well as advising on quarantine checks and refueling. They charge around US$175 for a two-week stay. A full list of agents can be found at