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Hidden sculptures, handcrafted accents and corridors that transform with the movement of the sun — explore the many spaces of COMO Point Yamu, our oceanside resort on Thailand's spectacular Phang Nga Bay.

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With the help of this self-guided tour, explore your home-from-home at COMO Point Yamu, to discover a place infused with designer Paola Navone’s creative vision. Known for her playful aesthetic, Milan-based Navone has sought to bring  harmony between fresh, contemporary design, local flavours and whimsical touches, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously calming and playful. 

On your journey, see how her colour palette draws directly from the surrounding ocean, with aquamarines and cobalts interjected with vibrant flashes of orange, evoking the saffron robes of Buddhist monks. Soothing grey walls form the backdrop to colourful Thai handicrafts, whilst rattan panelling and hand-cut tiles blur the distinction between indoor decor and the natural world.

A Building With A Large Staircase



After taking in the delicate lace-like metalwork of the hotel’s exterior, pass through trailing greenery into COMO Point Yamu’s lobby, where you’ll be greeted by an antique-style altar adorned with bright, seasonal decorations typically found in homes across Thailand. 

The lobby is, by intention, the most traditionally Thai space in the resort. Majestic stone pillars evoke Buddhist temple architecture, whilst hand-woven ‘lobster trap’ lampshades and striking wooden pixel walls showcase the skills of local craftspeople. 

Adjoining the lobby is the lounge, where you can relax and refresh beneath the Yantra (a temple blessing) hand-painted on the ceiling.

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Our corridors are deliberately painted a soothing grey, both to instil calm, but also to provide a neutral backdrop for handcrafted installations that hang ready to surprise exploring guests. 

These pieces strike a balance between traditional and contemporary, with ceremonial flower garlands and pom pom handicrafts interspersed amongst neon signs and modern artisanal furniture. 

A touch of surrealism can be found in our basement corridors, where mounted wall lamps illuminate carved orange fish and collections of wooden mushroom stools. The joyful feel makes this the perfect entrance to Play by COMO, where younger guests can flex their creative muscles in a fun and colourful space.

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The South Wing’s three stories contain not only the majority of the resort’s suites, but also a particularly unique design phenomenon. 

See how the sun pours in through a skylight, transforming the rattan panels that line the walls into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of patterns as it moves across the sky. At night, light is projected from the floor instead, setting in motion a whole new set of shapes. 

At the end of the second floor corridor is the evocative Three Shoals of Fishes installation - one hanging above your head, one reflected in the mirror-ponds at your feet, and one swimming as shadows on the ceiling.

A Room With A Pool And A Large Window With Trees And A Body Of Water



Guests are greeted at their room door by bowls of fresh flowers and gentle pendant lights, setting the tone for what awaits them inside. 

Navone’s palette of neutral tones and soothing blues continues here, with a different hue characterising each location: turquoise for poolside rooms, lavender for suites, and cobalt for Verandah and Bay rooms. 

The floors are tiled in a traditional Sino-Portuguese style, with textured walls lined with faux-bamboo panels. Every item of furniture is designed by Navone and made in Thailand, down to the ‘Do Not Disturb signs’ adorned with traditional pom-poms handcrafted in the country’s northern villages.

A Restaurant With A Bar And A Large Tile Floor



Each of COMO Point Yamu’s restaurants has a unique aesthetic designed to match the cuisine it serves.

Light-drenched and overlooking the ocean, La Sirena’s design comes straight from southern Italy. The turquoise and white palette is bright and calming, and a lighthouse-shaped pizza oven sits at its heart.

Meanwhile, Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant takes inspiration from its two striking goldfish mosaics — cheerful oranges and golds prevail, while bubble-shaped lampshades cascade from the ceiling.

Then, behind an orange door with an antique handle, sits the private dining room. Here, Navone invokes European castle decadence, with ornate chandeliers and mirrored mosaics that reflect candlelight as stars.

A Bedroom With A Large Window



The North Wing houses the resort’s Verandah suites, where Moroccan-inspired design compliments sweeping views of the beautiful Phang Nga Bay. 

With the views and the daylight given over to the suites themselves, Navone has created a sense of brightness in the corridors by casting soft pools of light on the turquoise carpet, intentionally chosen to evoke the colours of the ocean.

The natural theme continues in the art and the furniture, with benches carved from statuesque tree trunks, and wall-hangings composed of treated wooden disks. Rows of ceramic vases and sandstone sculptures add to the gallery-like feel.

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Cool and clean, our poolside space is inspired by sleek Miami style, although still with a playful touch. Look out for the stone elephants that recline at the bases of the sun umbrellas, and the net of sculpted metal boxes — the work of French father-and-daughter team, Patrick and Benedicte Bailly — hanging as the centrepiece in our Aqua bar

Simple, refreshing lines also carry through to our COMO Shambhala Retreat. The entrance is deliberately unadorned to allow you to clear your mind completely before entering, whilst inside soothing aquamarines, pebbled floors and natural tree trunk furniture create a sense of effortless calm.

A Table And Chairs On A Deck Overlooking A Body Of Water



Navone’s design plays with the distinction between interior and exterior throughout COMO Point Yamu, but nowhere is this more notable than the lobby level walkway. 

Make your way along this sun-dappled passageway, enjoying the movement of light cast by the woven wall panels, and out towards the resort’s manicured lawns where you can take in the breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea. 

It’s here that you’ll also find our ice cream sala - cooling treats served from a cart adorned with Paola’s trademark orange accents.

Immerse yourself in ocean-inspired tranquillity and book your stay at COMO Point Yamu today.