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Midnight in the Maldives


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When the lights go out, the stars come out: how to experience the best of COMO in the Maldives after dark, from swimming with whale sharks to private cinema experiences.

While the Maldives are best known for their sunny, white-sand beaches, night-time introduces a whole new dimension to the islands’ natural beauty: a world lit by moonbeams. Here, we explore the best ways to experience the Maldives by night at COMO Cocoa Island and COMO Maalifushi, from an extraordinary underwater encounter with whale sharks, to supper under the stars.

A Large Whale In The Ocean

Whale Shark Night Snorkelling

Between the start of November and the end of April each year, whale sharks migrate through the warm Maldivian waters. They’re the largest fish species in the ocean, growing to more than 40 feet long, but these blunt-snouted, slow-moving animals are gentle giants. 

An iconic night-time adventure from COMO Maalifushi begins with a call to the resort from local fishermen, often at short notice, reporting a sighting of whale sharks in the waters nearby. A briefing is given by professional guides and wetsuits are distributed, before the boat sets off from the resort. Once the whale sharks have been spotted, you can choose to snorkel with them or simply watch from the deck, seeing their distinctive star-like patterns glow under the night sky. 

For more information on whale shark snorkelling at COMO Maalifushi, see here.

Lavadhoo Sleepover

Lavadhoo is an uninhabited island neighbouring COMO Maalifushi, covered in palm trees, where you can spend a night camping in total privacy under the stars. The experience starts with a sunset cruise to the island on board a traditional Maldivian dhoni, often punctuated by spinner dolphins leaping across the bow. At Lavadhoo, a barbecue is prepared for supper, with fresh grilled meat and fish accompanied by Champagne. 

A Tent With Lights On A Beach

After the sun drifts below the horizon, a projector screen is set up for an open-air, candlelit movie viewing of your choice. At bedtime, you’ll retire to a canopied bed set up on the shore, the night sky glimmering through the net and the sound of gentle waves lulling you to sleep.  

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A Person Painting A Picture

Private Cinema Under the Stars

At both COMO Cocoa Island and COMO Maalifushi, you can spend an evening watching a movie of your choice on the beach. A large projector is set up for a private viewing, complete with plush beanbags or cinema beds and warm popcorn served throughout. 

Accompanying meal options range from light snacks, to barbecue, or even a three course dinner. With candles lit and the occasional fish flickering through the ocean’s shallows, this is a great way to spend a memorable evening with family. 

Private cinema experiences are available at both COMO Cocoa Island and COMO Maalifushi. For more information, see here.

UV Night Snorkel

COMO Cocoa Island’s house reef is notable for its variety of fish and healthy coral population — helped by the island’s coral propagation schemes. At night, the bright colours of this underwater world are stripped to silver by the moonlight, unless illuminated by special UV torches and mask lenses. A night-time snorkel of the reef accompanied by a marine guide is a chance to see this transformation. 

A Close Up Of A Sea Creature

While you might catch a glimpse of lobsters and lionfish, the real stars of this night-time show are the different types of coral species, which appear in fluorescent greens, yellows, reds and oranges. 

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A Beach With A Body Of Water

Sandbank Barbecue Dinner

At COMO Cocoa Island, private dining experiences are one of the best ways to experience the Maldives by night. While the options range from five-course meals to canapés and cocktails, one of the best ways to let the night sky take centre-stage is with a pared-back barbecue dinner. 

As dusk gathers, the barbecue is set up on an isolated sandbank, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. A live cooking experience unfolds as a chef grills a selection of meat and fresh fish, with a dedicated waiter on hand to serve Champagne. 

For more information about private dining experiences at COMO Cocoa Island, see here.

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