Duty Manager

COMO Metropolitan Singapore

Property: COMO Metropolitan Singapore
Position: Duty Manager
Base Location: Singapore
Department: Front Office
Reporting to: Front Office Manager

Job Summary

Reporting directly to the Front Office Manager, the Duty Manager is responsible for assisting Senior Management in the overall day-to-day front desk operations.


Representative of the Senior Management:

  • The Duty Manager is the only representative of the Senior Management 24 hours a day. They must be for this reason very versatile and to be ready to handle some very different situations. Communicate with guests as per hotel policies and procedures to know their needs and concern daily. Create a preference log for the most repeated guests.
  • The Duty Manager will be the first to be called if a guest is looking for a member of the management team. In dealing with these situations, the Duty Manager must ensure that they use tact and diplomacy to rectify quickly the situation, reaching the guest's satisfaction as well respecting the procedures and organization of the Dusti.
  • The Duty Manager will be in permanent contact with the Front Office Manager to report any guest comment, or problem and to ensure good co-ordination and quick communication on both sides.

Lobby Co-ordination:

  • The first assignment & main area of work of the Duty Manager is the Lobby, when the Duty Manager is not away to do a specific mission, he/she will spend all his/her time in the lobby to coordinate the overall lobby activity and will be dynamic in guest relationships. 

Leader of the Communication: The Duty Manager is a leader in the Front Office communication and will be active in the following tasks:

  • The Duty Manager will join daily the Front Office Manager briefing & weekly the Front Office Meeting to bring with dynamism and initiative all the questions, case studies & new ideas to be considered and discussed. 
  • The Duty Manager will be very active in giving full information & updates to all the Front Office staff. During the absence of the Assistant Front Office Manager, the Assistant Manager will conduct on his/her own this briefing. They will encourage good interactivity with all the Front Office staff, listen and understand their questions and problems, and give appropriate answers and solutions in line with the Sofitel So Bangkok procedures and organization.
  • Ensure that a pertinent/relevant Duty Manager logbook is maintained and updated and check the logbook from the different sections of the Front Office to ensure that clear, constant, and updated communication lines are kept with all Front Office staff.
  • Responsible for a detailed Duty Manager Handover by going through the activity of the day, the problems found, the follow-up to do, and the tasks not completed yet.

Supervision & Controls: The supervision of the Duty Manager covers a very large area and must be oriented on the following topics:

  • To ensure the overall coordination of the Front Office Operations and to assist all sections of the Front Office department. 
  • Responsible to keep all Front Office Standards and Procedures in line with the COMO Hotels and Resorts Policies.
  • Ensure the proper follow-up of the room requests & coordination with housekeeping regarding the priorities in room cleaning. 
  • Responsible to ensure that all Financial and Audit Procedures are respected. The Duty Manager will then realize daily the appropriate controls: Bucket Checks, Cashier Closures, Registration cards, and correspondence, Rebates, Paid Out. Each control will be signed. The Duty Manager will sign the official documents in the field "Duty Manager". The Duty Manager will do personally at night time all the controls established in the audit procedures, and report any irregularity to Front Office Manager on the following day.
  • To ensure that the close day is done correctly and that the number of "No Show", "Rooms Occupied", “Complimentary” and "House Use" are accurate. The Duty Manager will as well supervise the accuracy of the daily financial reports issued by the Front Office.
  • The Duty Manager will go through the correspondence of all the arrivals every night to ensure that the conditions and rates confirmed upon reservations are clearly updated and followed up on the Front Office side. To report to Front Office Manager any irregularity the day after.
  • The Duty Manager will ensure that the immigration registration is done fully as per the procedures established.
  • To keep full records of incoming and outgoing items in the Duty Manager Safe & to ensure proper follow-up. 
  • To motivate all the staff regarding the selling and up-selling program, and to make sure that the rates given are matching with the instructions received. To do the proper controls as per procedures established
  • Privacy: The Duty Manager will be attentive to respect the privacy/confidentiality of the information, or guest names available. He/she will ensure not to transmit any guest name or guest history information.
  • Ensure that all Front Office areas are clear, clean & tidy at any time.

Responsibility in terms of security: 

  • The Duty Manager will act personally with a member of Security for any Safe Opening in the hotel, following the security procedures, and will record any of this action in the appropriate format.
  • In the event of a fire, the Duty Manager has to ensure the overall coordination as per the emergency procedure established. In the absence of the Front Office Manager and Assistant Front Office Manager, the Duty Manager will call right away the appropriate persons; will ensure that each staff takes control of his duties during the Fire and that the guests are well informed of the security measures to be taken.
  • To be on alert and to call Security right away when a guest has a suspect attitude or luggage, when there is a serious conflict or beginning of a fight in the premises of the hotel. Any of these cases have to be reported in the Duty Manager's logbook.